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Dacayana Eskrima Peterborough OCFM Incorporated Into Kempo Jujitsu Peterborough Tai Chi at KSOMA with Lesley in Peterborough
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KSOMA Peterborough Martial Arts Classes In Peterborough Jujitsu - Eskrima - Tai Chi

Peterborough Martial Arts - Kempo Jujitsu - Dacayana Eskrima -  Tai Chi

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KSOMA - Kings School of Martial Arts
KSOMA -Martial Arts In Peterborough
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© KSOMA - King’s School of Martial Arts - 2017

KSOMA - Home

Martial Arts Classes Kempo Jujitsu - Dacayana Eskrima, Tai Chi
•	Kempo Jujitsu For Adults •	Kempo Jujitsu For Youths •	Kempo Jujitsu For Children •	Dacayana Eskrima For Adults •	Dacayana Eskrima For Youths •	Tai Chi For Adults •	Birthday Parties For Children Take the time to explore the website and see just what we have to offer. There are many martial arts classes in Peterborough, make sure you choose the right one.

Kempo Jujitsu - Eskrima and Tai Chi

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